Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to Machine Applique

Applique T-shirt So you want to learn how to applique. It is so easy. You can put any image on anything, from towels to t-shirts. I will be showing you how to applique a t-shirt. I made my own pattern up. But any line drawn image will work. I made this pattern up to match these cute capri's I found last summer on clearance at Gymboree.

These are the supplies you will need:


fabric scraps



basic sewing supplies

Fabric Stabilizer - There are different types of fabric stabilizers on the market, two I have used are washable stabilizer and a tear away stabilizer. I like the tear away stabilizer the best for knits. It gives a nice stiff sewing surface and keeps the fabric from moving.
Lets get started.

Iron a piece of fabric that will fit your pattern to the wonder-under. Trace your pattern pieces on to the paper side of the wonder under. Cut out your pattern. Peel off the paper side of the wonder-under. Position your pattern onto your t-shirt how you want it to look. (Make sure you are happy with it, once you iron it down, there is no changing it). The green piece went down first, then the pink triangles were layed down last. With a hot iron, iron down your pattern.

Cut a piece of fabric stabilizer big enough to fit your pattern and give about a 1/2 inch over. Put stabilizer underneath the pattern ( to the inside of the t-shirt). Pin in place at the sides.

Getting your machine ready:

Applique needs a satin stitch to be really pretty. You want a nice close zig-zag stitch, but longer your button hole stitch. I set my machine to the button hole setting but lengthen the stich to about a 5. You should experiment on a scrap of fabric before starting on your applique. Once you get a stitch you like,you are ready to begin.

For this project I chose thread that matched my fabric, but you can use any color you choose.

I start sewing with the top layer. I start at a spot easy to meet up with again. For the triangles, I started with the point and met back around at the point and slightly over lapped my stitching.

AFter I stitched around the triangles, I changed thread to green and stitched around the rind part.

When you are done sewing, clip threads close to stitching and carefully tear away fabric stabilizer. Turn t-shirt right side out. Go find your kid, put it on them and take a picture.

I loved the way it turned out and will be showing some more applique projects in the upcoming weeks. Happy Sewing.

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  1. Such a cute project! I am Missy and I saw your comment on Traci's blog..Beneath My Heart. I was one of her guest at the Elmers Party. I saw where you said you were in KY and was curious about where you lived. I live in Scott County..are you close to that?
    Have a great day!